Just wonder what a corporate person has to do with startups? He is doing well in his job and why he needs to stick his neck out, just for the heck of it.

Yes true, just for the heck of it… or just out of curiosity…

However, I found it increasingly entertaining, amusing and innovative.

My interactions with the few startups founders had put me in awe and at times disbelief.

How dare you…. It was more of an inner voice to self, look you can not dare that….

These young folks not even bothered to adhere to the social norms, which have been establish for decades by our middle class society. Get a professional degree; find a job and get on with your life. Remember, if you do not get a good job, you would not get a good bride.... That’s it….

And I see these young founders, although laced with degrees and some dropouts too, working on some solutions to the problems, which they feel would change the world and them too.

What, if their ideas at times are not practical, what if they fail at MVP stage, what if it is not sustainable in long run, what if they do not secure the funding, what if they fail completely….

They do not have rich Dads to fund and support them, if they fail.

It is an audacious move, many might not have the guts to take such plunge and it’s true.

When you interact with them, you would find, it’s a completely different world from an established corporate world, yet so connected to it.

Then you admire them and come back to your own established corporate world to unlearn and relearn the things, the way startups are doing it with meager resources, uncertainty and a firm belief that they would excel.

Quote by Jimi Hendrix:

‘All I’m gonna do is just go on and do what I feel.’