In today’s world we live, each individual has many expectations to fulfil, be it office, family, health, society, friends etc. Every individual is dragged by multiple responsibilities one need to take care, which results in forcing us to think – Is 24 hours enough to fulfil those responsibilities or should there be more hours in a day Personally speaking I have gone through that face in life, what about you ? With this starting note, few questions comes in mind:

  • Have you ever been at a point in your life where you have realized that you have all you need, but you are nevertheless not happy?
  • Do we find we are short of time in daily life
  • Do we believe there is always too many things on plate
  • Do we believe/find, we are dragged by too many expectations around
  • Do we really feel happy at heart
  • Are we able to live life to the fullest
  • Have we really identified, rather tried to identify our passions in life

Does this sound familiar?

The answer to most of above points may be affirmative. So, are we clear with our problem statement? If so, I would say “you are not alone, my friend”. It’s the story with most of us. This point is - do we seriously and sincerely believe, there is a problem and a solution is required. The effort to get a solution would be profound and deeper if we 100% agree that there is something to be corrected. Is there any solution? Let’s look at our daily lives and think, how much time is “ME Time and we spend meditating”

With today's busy pace, you can all too easily forget how to recharge your batteries. Yet, it's important for your health, well-being and creativity to take time out to relax and find some "me" time. Taking time out for yourself is a luxury––it's a necessity. Most particularly, it is an important part of keeping your stress levels at bay.

Two principles, which I believe, can be followed and be helpful:

1. "ME" time as valuable time

"Me" time should not be thought of as wasting time–– it is your window to reduced stress levels. It can revitalize you more than you can imagine.When you have me time you can lose yourself in what you are doing and celebrate yourself. It can be a game of your favorite sport, a massage, even gym time, set aside a time to do that activity which you are passionate about.


I cannot emphasize enough how meditation can benefit you in multiple ways. Meditation is the BEST, if not the only way to find your inner-self and thereby your purpose in life. It helps you to control your thoughts and to find real peace. Meditation is that which gives you deep rest. Meditation is an activity in which the practitioner just sits and allows the mind to dissolve. 

Wouldn’t it be great if there was something you could do that would make your life happier NOW, even though you have not yet reached your goals .

Recently, I attended one such “happiness programme” from Art of Living. The programme was to take one to the point where effortlessly reconnect to the one inexhaustible source of joy – you. The true nature of a human being is Love and happiness. We see a child all blossomed with happiness, energetic, positivity. Have we really thought what’s differentiating factor? The more we have grown in age and intellect, more we have been far from our own self.

Happiness programme is one such programme which connects one to his inner self and brings true happiness like a child. A happy mind lets you stay calm, make better decisions and improve the overall quality of life. Basis my personal experience, can say that this programme helps to find answers to all questions we gone through in the beginning of this article.

As a finance professional with more than 12 years of experience, I have seen many dimensions of corporate world. Irrespective of nature of organization/industry, there are always higher expectations from the positions you hold. The answer to all these lies in how much we are centered/balances at any given point in time in life. Easy to say, difficult to implement, but definitely it’s the need of the hour. Don’t we all want to remain happy always? Of course we do…So…What should we do….find ME time in life and meditate, Isn’t it ?