New Delhi, 12th February 2018: Providing a single platform of networking Startup buddy Conclave has taken a huge step in the contribution towards entrepreneurship. More than 100 investors, 300 startups and entrepreneurs to took part in the event, hosted at The Grand Vasant Kunj, New Delhi from 10 am onwards on 10th February 2018. 

30 eminent speakers across world will be sharing their views on different topics in each different panels which is trending and useful at the same time. Networking is the most important thing especially when one is going for a big idea with a unique concept. Building contacts with venture capitalists, accelerators, angel investors or service providers can be a good start for people who can bring something new to this world. 

The event started with the panel discussion on how Fintech is making Indian digital economy, a reality. Indian digital economy is now taking a rapid speed after the concept Digital India. “Technology has to play a part in bringing the economy to the country however, if we talk about Fintech, then in coming next 3-5 years Fintech should play a major role in providing a platform where people can invest their money in much more efficient way, to provide a better traditional financial services in order to meet the aspirations of the public as trust is the   said by Sarvir Singh, Venture Partner, Waterbridge ventures and Mr. Pradeep Shekhawat-SVP & Business Head- SMB, PayU.   

One of the Panel discussion, was on ‘Crypto Currency’ with 7 eminent speakers from all across India discussing the future of Cryptocurrency in India. “Only when you have a speculative nature of currency being reduced to a certain extent, when the currency is no longer speculative, unless that happens the common man will not be in a position to use crypto currency as possible mode for paying for goods and services” Pointed out by one of the speakers. Cryptocurrency known to all as a digital or virtual currency that is the hot topic of this season. The panel ended on the note ‘when internet came people went all negative but internet survived and so Cryptocurrency to be given a shot.’ By Vishal Nigam, India Block chain council. 

Nabomita Majumdar, TEDx Speaker, added, we need an ecosystem which addresses the obstacles and does not stop the women entrepreneurship. If she doesn’t have exposer or has unpreparedness of her man, she needs support. There are a lot women role models in India who grew above the ecosystem, made new India & changed the mindset of people and are running successful startups.

We need women role models to build successful startups defeating all the challenges. 

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